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Ellie NewmanOver the last few years Ellie Newman (Regional Excel Athlete) has risen up the England Netball Excel Pathway. Ellie hales from Club of the Year (EN Goalden Globes) Turnford NC in Hertfordshire. She is a dedicated and motivated young woman ….. here is her story.

My family have always been really sporty and I have always been encouraged to try lots of sports. I started playing netball when I was nine. I joined Turnford Netball Club in Hertfordshire in year five and soon fell in love with netball, my team and my coach.  Now I can't get enough of playing, coaching and umpiring!

My excel pathway started in 2009 when I was selected for Hertfordshire satellite two academy. The following year I went into satellite 1, where I was then invited to regional screening. I was really surprised and pleased to be selected for Regional East academy and to top it off was asked to attend the first round of Mavericks trials.

I have had so many opportunities this year being in regional academy with match play days and fantastic coaching. My club have pushed me hard and have given me the opportunity to play at regional level.  My fitness has certainly improved and my netball skills have really developed. My highlight would definitely be getting the chance to train a few times alongside Mavericks Youth. The coaches and players are very dedicated to netball which is really inspiring.   

Training is a big part of my week doing strength and conditioning, ball and landing programs. These programs improve my basic skills and my core strength. My aim is to train and play as many hours as my age, 15, each week! Luckily, my Hertfordshire school is very into netball. My teachers are really fantastic and supportive; they make my school team train hard which counts towards my hours. My school team have been very successful and have just reached the School National Finals, Go Broxbourne!  
My school work is important and, as long as I keep up to date with my homework, I seem to be able to fit it all in. However I have to be disciplined to make sure I get all my work done. I try to eat healthily but I do love food. I eat loads but I try to balance everything, although chocolate is sometimes a struggle.  

In the short term I want to be the best athlete I can and play, coach and umpire as much as possible. I have learned so much this year but feel I still have lots more to learn. Hopefully I will get into regional academy again this year and really would like the opportunity to trial for a youth NTL team (preferably Mavericks). I am taking my Youth Umpiring Award and want to work with the younger teams in the Turnford club.

Long term I always want to be active playing and coaching netball. I wish to continue along the excel pathway and I dream to play for an NTL team or hopefully get an England trial.

I am encouraged and supported by many people, and would like to thank everyone who has helped me.

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